Saturday, October 11, 2014

JSJS Mountain Resort

LOCATION: JSJS Mountain Resort, Argao, Cebu

To worth our trip to the South of Cebu is a complement opening party from JSJS Mountain Resort in Argao, Cebu.It's really a mountainous one where atop you can see the port of Argao- definitely worth viewing.
The murals are mostly of different species of fish because the owner is a fish financer whom Tiyo Effren Oliamot delivers his fish in Pasil, Cebu.

There are two swimming pools- for adult and children. The inns are very colorful- definitely worth staying with family.
So if you want to escape the busy life in the city and just want to let the day your "self-day" in a peaceful breeze of the mountain?, definitely JSJS Mountain Resort is the best for you.
They have a very nice landscape too...good for picture taking.
Their reception area is very well accommodating and has a native vibe of atmosphere with a touch of a little bit modern....and another plus point- free wi-fi access!

 photos by: Rashel Mohammad

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