Saturday, June 27, 2015

3 Lessons

Every day brings different lessons, and when I say "different", that means many. But I just like to pick three to share with my readers and ponder on.

1. Actually, the best day was "yesterday". But there is another best day, and that is "today".
This is the thing I learned from the latest seminar I attended regarding on Financial Literacy and Money Management. 

Yeah, we could not bring back yesterday, but God always gives us another chances, many "today" and "present" to  correct what has been wronged and to start what has been postponed.
We always have many "today", but we should not waste them.

2. What God knows about us is more important than what others think about us.
This one is from my facebook feed.

We all have different techniques in showing what we are, expressing what we feel, aspire, and making our dreams a reality. And with those, we are judged.
Some people even invent stories to ruin our slate in the eyes of the people that we love.
But this must not hinder our pursuit towards our goals. Let's not make others thoughts be the guidelines in what we do. The important thing is: as long as we are not hurting others and stamping their rights in achieving our goals, then we are free to do what we want. 
Just like I said in my previous post, life is too short when conforming to others thoughts of us.
We know who we are inside and out like no others can except God.

3. Everything falls in perfect timing.
This comes from my current meditation.

There is always a point in our lives that we connect things to things, happenings to happenings. And it just came in to a point that what happened actually yesterday is for the good of today. That means that other circumstances happen to save the future or else give a lesson.
I know others won't agree with me with this one, and I do respect that, but hopefully you still learn a lot from the imperfect me.

God bless, everyone!

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photos by: Rash

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