Saturday, June 13, 2015

Keep Rocking The Free World

There are really so many things we want to do and fulfill- like dreams that are never awaken and imaginations that we always imagine yet never able to come out real. We are afraid to do them because maybe of

discrimination from others, or else others think that we can't achieve them. We are always looking at what others think about us without even realizing how short life is when always conforming to it. And sad to say, it came to a point that the people become the drivers of our destiny.

 We must don't let them rule over us. We are the master of our fates.
Let's move on, let go, and let our spirits roar our inner desires.

I am telling this because we live in a free world, but that doesn't mean to include doing the bad ones.
Keep rocking the free world means keep doing what we love without stamping others rights and without breaking the laws. It means inspiring others to come out with their shells and express what they feel. It means giving inspiration and appreciation to one's art and abilities.
We share photos and videos of our craft, and others are inspired to do the same.
The advancement of technologies has given us another high-tech chance to shed what we are made of, and with that we keep rocking the free world .

Imagination is the only limit.

God bless everyone!

dunnes shoesB-Young bag, dress from a reader

photos by: Rash
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