Monday, June 29, 2015

Some Things Are Meant To Be Black And White


I've been talking from a special friend lately, and came to think that the words he said are the things that I need to do for my life.

These things are set already before, but lost in a moment due to some things I've done for my career.
But I came to think of the things I want to do in life and realize that others are not meant to be pursued. That is why they meant to be black and white in which I think colors will be heading for them soon in God's time. I mean I just let destiny work for them.

When things are not really for you, they will not come to you no matter how tired you tried.

Sometimes in our lives we keep holding on things or people that give us frustrations and aches without realizing how pity we are on the process.

That's why today, I keep some things in life loose and black and white, and hold on tight to those that are worth a keep and colorful.

God bless, everyone!

photos by: Rash

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