Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer 2015 Photodiary

Today's post is a measurement  of how far I have become as  a traveler and as a person (in general) in two months summer time. Even though I just visited local destinations (and sometimes not so popular) but at least I had destinations. This makes my life has objectives to follow which are attainable and measurable in two months. hehe

Anyway, I am promoting tourists' spots in the local areas too with what I am doing and connecting my country's beauty to other countries.

My very selfish ultimate dream is to travel the world for free. ;-) Since I don't have a budget yet for travels abroad (hehe), I just want to start exploring my own beloved country first. #magsimulakamunasabayanmo
And to realize that, I want to start in my land- Cebu- because there are so many gems to be discovered here.
I hope you had fun following my trips.

God bless, everyone!

Malapascua Island (click herehereherehere and here)

 Guiwanon Cold Spring (click here)
Medellin Hideaway (click hereherehere)

Mountain View Nature's Park (click here and here)

Nailon Wharf (click herehere, and here)

San Remigio Beach Club (click herehere and here)

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