Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Hello, everyone!
Have you tried joyriding in a scooter with a friend who is a novice driver? and felt the anxiety in her veins because she is nervous driving the many blind curve parts of a road while you are sitting at the back enjoying every moment, anticipating the view of the destination, and laughing at the same time when you feel that the scooter is shaking because the driver shivers out of nervous?
Well, lucky enough I experienced such just this weekend. hehehe

My bestie and I explored two local destinations in our hometown. (I will share them to you soon.) which are small yet very ecological.

After such small and enjoyable trip, I realized I could be a local destinations blogger as well.
When others blog about famous sites and foods (and who doesn't), I came to think of blogging local beautiful destinations which are very abundant here in the Philippines with low service payments for the sake of those who love nature adventure without breaking the bank.

Hopefully, my blog will be a good start and a reference site for local destinations seekers. I am crossing my fingers on. ;-)

On the other hand, today's outfit post is a vintage friendly one. The flare jeans which has its comeback again and again in fashion is an old yet valuable piece I just found recently.
I just paired it with a very sexy top (actually it is a one piece suit) to balance the flare and a heels to make me look tall- plus a bag for ta ready vibe.

By the way, how was your weekend going on, guys? Or how do you usually spend it? 

photos by: Rash

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