Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort

LOCATION: Odlot, Bogo City, Cebu

In a tropical country like Philippines, there are so many places (mostly nature-inspired) one can go. If one is bored already with the hustle bustle of the city, exploring malls, staying cafes or spending bucks watching 3D cinemas on weekends, well there is always an escape to provinces to go on with different time-killing leisure.
With outnumbered beach resorts (five star or not), Filipinos usually spend the weekend at the beach with the family.
I for one am not an exemption to this. In one of my weekends this month of July, my close friend and I went to Odlot Hideaway- a beach that is secluded from the City of Bogo, Cebu- perfect for hide and away (got it, got it hehe)
The entrance fee is 20 pesos, and with that one can enjoy swimming at the landscaped-sea pool and dive on a cliff-inspired diving area. With that only 20 pesos, one can stay at the cottages for eating and resting.

They have inns for those who wanted to stay overnight, billiard venue and karaoke for entertainment.
If one is tired and want some verdant view, he/she can stay at the little huts in front of the lounging area.

The landscape is awesome and native-inspired one. There are also eroded boulders to consider in going here, but be mindful of the precautions for they are sharp and will get someone hurt.
This resort is facing Capitancillo Islet of Bogo City, an islet believed to be a sunk ship hardened by the strike of the lightning in ancient time.
If you want a peek of the islet, click here during my visit there three years ago. (please be patient with the blurred pics ;-)

photos by: Jenevie Catapan and me ;-)

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