Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Setting

When most bloggers (this includes me) spend a lot or less to a distant beautiful place just to have an outfit shoot or have a beautiful setting on their post, I ,myself, sometimes do mine in a rugged, and not so well-known place in a neighborhood area. This is because I want to realize the effect of a tip from someone in terms of shooting an outfit. And it goes this way: "If you want your outfit to be emphasized in a shoot, select a setting that is dull and lifeless so that your outfit will stand out".

I followed that tip eventually but never come out the way I wanted it to be. I n short: they were a big fat epic fail posts. hehehe
That's what I think about it. There was an instance that I post a picture of me and the background was piles of lumber- and I found it very nice. But artless people said that my setting was absurd. Well, I can not question them because they look at things like that. They look beauty as a perfect form of art where in fact beauty exists in defaults and uniqueness too. I wonder how ugly their visions are and how beautiful mine is that I wish I could share to them what I see. They see art in general view without having a time to appreciate those who break the standards and create a new one.
Well, I cannot question people like them. We have different perceptions to a thing. Maybe I just lack editing on my pictures where most bloggers succumb to making their pictures so beautiful. I must still learn the art of editing pictures so that maybe no matter how ugly my setting is, my pictures will pop out. hehehe

And today's pictures are products of my shoot in  a lifeless (but not ugly) setting.

Does my outfit stand out? Even though NOT, I hope you still like it. .;-)

God bless. everyone!

photos by: Rash

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