Sunday, October 18, 2015

5 Reasons You Need To Embrace Your Flaws

We try to always fit in the crowd where in fact, we are born to stand out. We always
want to be like somebody else or else’s (well, there is nothing wrong when we imitate someone though, but make sure he/ she influences us in a good way). We always complain with what we think
not good for our
looks and want to erase it in an instant not knowing it is built in or designed for a purpose.
Everyone has this mind frame of uniqueness and beauty, and everyone is beautiful in his/ her own ways possible.
Flaws are natural and beautiful; perfect is boring.
Do you want to know why? Then read on.
1. Your flaws make you stand out.
  They are some of the things that serve as a mark of identification from to another.

2. Flaws could be your greatest strength.
  If you know how flaunt them well, you can get an A with that. Look at supermodel Cara Delevigne who has very thick eye brows, Lindsey Wixson who has  gap front teeth and a big lower lip shape, and Cindy Crawford in her mole in the face-- men they work on them, and they come out beautiful in their own way.

3Your flaws make you human. 
 They remind you of your limitations making you not to bully others but came out helping them to accept theirs with a big heart.

4. Your flaws are reminders of God’s fair love.
  No one is perfect and no one has to be. If you are complaining of your big mouth, nose, etc…stop it because you are still blessed in some other aspects of your life- maybe you are talented, many people or family members love you so much, you travel more than others, etc.

5. Your flaws maybe is a “something” that make someone fall in love with. YAY (“v”).
 Maybe someone likes your big nose or boisterous laughter or your gap teeth.
The possibilities are endless.

Let us embrace our flaws.

P.S..and with the flawed background I have in this post, oh don't worry I embrace it too. :-)

photos by: Rash

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