Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Just Realized

I had been in another big blog hiatus lately and sorry for that,  guys. I will catch up soon so we can connect each other well. There are so much activities in school that drain me so well and end up not posting in my blog. 
I love teaching yet I realize my passion for writing and posting pictures in my blog (in short blogging hehe) is so powerful that I end up not to give up blogging for my life would be dull and boring. PASSION IS REALLY POWERFUL!
I love fashion, photography, travel and love to share my life at some point not to boast something but for inspiration. I want to inspire others and be  inspired in return which I think will not only be secluded in the four walls of the classroom but reach out some parts of the globe through the internet.
While some bloggers are busy attending fashion week and traveling at the same time and posting online in every nook and cranny, I am extending my voice to Filipino youths as I discuss in the classroom yet I still manage to stalk bloggers and silently inspired to do my own thing too.
Here are some things I just realized by observing silently  while the whole blogosphere is busy .

1. No matter how busy teaching schedule is, I need to post at least three or two times a week. Not to boast, but I know others are following me too as I to my other bloggers.

2. I need to praise others blogs through commenting on their work  because I want to spread the love and inspire others to do more.
 I know bloggers are inspired when some comment to their work too. They are inspired to do more.It’s a creator of energy at some point.

3. I need to upgrade myself through exploring some locals, reading, stalking inspiring people (hehe), pampering myself, loving myself more (well I think it’s not bad to love myself -not to the extent that I become selfish), extending love to others, listening to music (it’s inspiring) and thanking God more and more each day for all the blessings and for this beautiful world.
P.S. my hair needs treatment..huhu

4. No matter how stressful life is, I just need to have more laughs and laughs. I don’t need to stress life; I just need a diary of it. I need to improve. I just don’t need to get upset by others non sense bash in my phone because I have a life of my own. I live this way-no one can alter my determination.
5. I need to write for my advertisers also. Sorry for not responding on email. I need to be credible too. I’ll work hard on it pretty soon.

I hope I can make these things good.
For today’s OOTD, here is what I got. Hope you like it! J

Fila ShoesAmerican Eagle Sweater, leather bag, dress used as a skirt

                                                                            Photos by: Rash
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