Monday, October 26, 2015

You Are Never Too Old To...

LOCATION: Queens Island Golf Course and Resort
             Medellin, Cebu, Philippines

I've heard so many folks saying that they are too old to do things they wanted and
just let the time pass and let their children do what they did not able to do at the time of their youth. I find it really
 impractical since we are given ample time to make use of our lives in a good way.
That is why today's article is my simple reminder to all who read that YOU ARE NEVER EVER TOO OLD TO...

1. chase your dreams and catch them at the same time in a good way with a grateful heart or better yet dream another dream.

2. forgive. There are really those people who hurt you the most and drag you down in misery. Remember, their heartaches and problems don't belong to you. Pray for them instead of dragging them down. I know it's hard to forgive, but if you focus yourself with the blessings and with the happiness, forgiveness will then follow easily as 1,2 , 3.
Saying sorry goes along with it.

3. start again and put the past behind you. If you've broken down into pieces brought about by life's circumstances, stand up and find a glue to make you whole (not literally though). That glue is an inspiration for you to bounce back, alive and kicking and more hopeful and forgiving at this time.
Or better yet, give time to everything.

4. learn something new. Create a habit and change your ways for your goals in life. 

5. set goals and hope for them to come true with proper execution. Do what you always wanted to do without stepping others feet. Plan for a trip, have a travel, and make the most of the world.

6. accept the Lord. His plans are better than yours. Trust Him with all your heart.

7. build a healthy relationship with other people around you- full of love and understanding.

8. make a difference in the Earth.

9. love. After all you are created out of love, and there's nothing wrong when you spread it unconditionally.

10. act now. Though you are never too old to do things possible, but TIME GIVES YOU THE LIMIT.

So what are you waiting for?  Do them now!

P.S. Today' s pictures are dream come true - a chance to be photographed professionally.

HMUA: Merlyn Dignos
Dress from Columbo and Cristy Boutique
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