Monday, November 2, 2015


Floral Style Cushion Cut Sapphire Rhodium Plating 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring / Cocktail Ring (SKU: RRG1028-46#)

 Aside from the gift of time, love, sacrifice and some other good qualities one can give
to his or her love, human as we are, we always want some material gifts to spare like jewelry.
One particular part of the body that we usually put jewelry on are our fingers.

Our fingers have their respective places for the people we love.We even put symbolism to it as to what our status in the society and our passion.
Our thumbs represent the place for our love for fashion; indexes represent the place for our career and profession, middle finger for oneself and our responsibility, ring finger for husband or wife (special someone) or even chastity, and our pinky fingers for our family.
Every ring we put into our fingers represents something according to where we put it.

 Rings have been a great part to lovers and all the people whatever status all over the world.
 If we are engaged, there are engagement rings to boost. If married, of course there are wedding rings to put on the fingers and couple or not as long as we are in love- filial and erotically, we can still pull off rings in our fingers. 
Do you want to know what to call that is? Well, that is fashionably speaking.

Good thing there is a store that caters all our needs when it comes to rings and other jewelry. Lo and behold  JEULIA! - a company dedicated to offer their customers great ring and other jewelry deals.

They have special offer called Black Friday 2015 Jewelry Deals Week which caters their beautiful flower cocktail rings, elegant cocktail two-in-one engagement rings, cheap black diamond rings, charming mermaid rings, stylish dragon rings and silver couple rings and many more.It is their best deal of the year to celebrate Christmas and New Year- perfect moments for gift lovers.

Round Cut Sapphire Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Women's Engagement Ring (SKU: RRG1028-2-46#)

Heart Cut 1.5CT Created White Sapphire Rhodium Plated 925 Sterling Silver Women's Engagement Ring / Wedding Ring Set (SKU: Pre-ZBD324-3)

Brilliant Cut 1.9CT Created White Sapphire with Lilac Sidestone Two-in-One Rhodium Plating Sterling Silver Engagement Ring / Bridal Ring Set (SKU: RGG522-1)

Crown Shape Heart Cut Created Pink Sapphire Rhodium Plated 925 Sterling Silver Claddagh Ring / Engagement Ring (SKU: RRG1021-2-52#)

Cushion Cut Ruby Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Mermaid Engagement Ring (SKU: RRG824-79#)

Unique Created White Sapphire Round Cut Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Four-Skull Design Skull Ring (SKU: RRG1030-4)

Princess Cut 2.5CT Black Diamond Rhodium Plated 925 Sterling Silver Women's Wedding Ring Set/Bridal Set (SKU: Pre-RGG415-1)

Oval Cut Pink Crystal Rhodium Plating 925 Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring (SKU: RRG1019-152#)

Sterling Silver & White Crystal Left Half Side of Heart Shape Unusual Women's Ring (SKU: RLG110-22)

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Express your love and personal style through Jeulia.
They have wide array of rings to choose from engagement rings, bridal sets, and black diamond rings!
Jeulia uses Swarovski Gemstones guaranteed to offer best stones for customers.

Jeulia jewelry are products of undying love.
Their mission: Design and Make Affordable Jewelry for Every Lover.

Whatever occasions we are celebrating- Mother’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day and whatever days we always want giving gifts- we can never go wrong giving Jeulia jewelry because with Jeulia, every jewelry is made to last from now to eternity!

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Jeulia wishes you a happy finding for the perfect rings for your love ones and even to yourself as a reward.

(This is a sponsored post.)
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