Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Friends Are For Keeps

Hi guys! I know it's been a while not putting my hands on my blog recently, but I am still well and kicking (if you follow me on
Instagram), and sorry for not visiting other blogs as well. It is just that work in school needed to be
focused first before the holidays and then after that my colleagues and I linked to the community and then went to South of Cebu for our Canyoneering activity (I will surely share pictures of that soon), then to Kawasan Falls and then back to Cebu City and watched Miss Universe (ohhh can't get over yet) and went mall-ing.
I've been with friends in our way to the Canyoneering- some are newly-found ones (checked my bucket list on that) who are absolutely travel-hungry ones like me.

It seems so amazing how God created friends to lean on and to share experiences with. 
I myself have many friends. Maybe because I am friendly hehe. I am not really that selective, but there are few really whom I consider my best friends. One or two true friends are better than a million one- I must say.
The ladies in these pictures are my colleagues in the field of work with whom I consider my friends as well. And this was taken during our Honoring Ceremony at Medellin captured by Light Geek Photography.

Friends are sidekick family members; for the reason why you need even just one are as follows:
1. True friends are helping hands.
 When you are brokenhearted, shattered into pieces or the whole world turns its back from you, aside from your family friends are there for you.
2. They are the most real person you know.
They will say something they don't like from you, or something that doesn't good for you because they don't want you to be embarrassed in the face of others.
3. No matter how far you are from each other, true friends are silently there because the test of distance and time never shatter the blood of the so-called friendship.
4. Friends may become enemies, but true friends become sisters.
They listen, speak out frankly yet never turns their back from you. They are there in good times and in bad.
5. True friends understand your differences and shortcomings; you almost have the same interests which is very good when it comes to out of town adventures and other trips like laugh trip, food trip, movie trip, etc.
 They are specially created in the absence of a sister or a brother. You can lean on them.

If you happen to don't have any true friend yet, well don't worry there is still next year, and that is your goal. If you are doubtful of your friends, well ask yourself: do we have the same interests? Am I getting annoyed by his or her presence? Am I happy with his or her company? Is this the real person I wanted to trust  and share my secrets on? Is she or he a reliable person? Can I rely on him/her?
The answers on the above questions are for you to find out. You can weigh your friends. You know who the true ones are. Best of good luck on finding them and carry them in your 2016 still. 
I know my reasons are so cliche, but I hope I made a help.

God bless and Advance Merry Christmas!
Photos by: Joe Lim of Light Geek Photography
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