Thursday, January 14, 2016

5 Reasons Why One Needs a Sensual Escape

LOCATION: Maravilla, Tabuelan, Cebu
  I had gone to a private property (owned by our principal’s sister) last month that I never thought is so beautiful compared to the last time I went to Maravilla. It was such a memorable December vacay ever. The calm sea, the beautiful architecture of the resort, the towering coconuts, the singing of the
birds, the fresh scent of the sea breeze and the serenity as a whole give a new perspective to my life and looking forward for another sensual escape because it gives me reasons why, and here they are:

1. It relaxes the mind. 
Nothing’s calmer than seeing blue, white, calm sea and the happy people bathing under the heat of the sun- cheers to tropical living!  

2. It takes away stress. 
Paying attention to God’s wonderful creation for a while makes one forgets about work and pay attention to His, thus leading her/him to worry less and appreciate more.

3. It is one of the cheapest medicines for an aching heart.
 Escaping to place not familiar to ones sight and is beautiful soothes the eyes down to the inner spirit of one’s life. 

4. It reminds a person of a happiness that lies ahead in every aching heart.
 Just like a rainbow every after the rain and calmness after a storm, every long and winding road lies a beautiful place worthy of sensual escape. In short, life is beautiful after all the bad things.

 5.  It livens up the positive thought which makes a silent prayer that will change one’s life.

So never ever lose your sense of wonder and wander. 
Live out; seek out and have a sensual escape. 

P.S. This site made me do one more thing in my life: collect beach (sand, blue, sea, coconuts, clouds) photos wherever I go. Hope you like them.
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