Monday, February 15, 2016

I Am Free

I’d been so busy really these past weeks because of the school evaluation. Did a lot of paper works and faced my laptop most of the time. I noticed that my eyes are forming little dark circles.
So now that the evaluation is done, I can definitely say that I am free.
Being free this time means keeping away from laptop and cell phone-gadget detoxification- I must say and exploring other places!
I free myself from exposing too much to radiation; that’s why I sleep early these days and keep closer to nature once again. The fresh air and the green bushes in our background are some of the good sights of my morning.
Opppss…mention too the sounds of the happy birds. These are few of the things that make me want to stay home and just relax.
This way is my best yoga and a cleanser to my lungs.

For today’s OOTD is just a comfortable one embracing life’s gifts because the best gifts are definitely given free.
Enjoy life to the fullest. Live boldly!
Have a great day, everyone!

photos by: Rashel Mohammad
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