Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How Do You Spend Life?

Well, this question in my title came up from my facebook news feed, and at that time I was a bit lonely with my love life (..hehe..sorry if I can't elaborate further here).

You know the saying "happiness is a choice". I believe everything in life is a choice. Since some
things in life depend on our choices, I came up to a point asking "how do we really spend life"?

Do we spend it regretting on so many things we haven't even dared to do? like saying "I love you" even in the embarrassing moment since the receiver of that " i love you" doesn't love us anymore.
Do we regret on not doing anything to save a relationship or to ease a broken heart or to reconcile with our family or not doing anything to fuel our passion? I guess we sometimes regret on the things we didn't do while still we can, and now we can not. We must not spend our life crying over wasted milk though..cheer up, walk up and do.

Do we spend life questioning? like asking so many what if's- what if I were genius; what will the world be? What if I were one of the Kardashians or the Jenners or a famous artist's daughter...what will the world be? What if I were a boy or a President or a princess?
Well, we came up with life just like that, and I tell you it is just normal. The remedy is... accept who we are and appreciate our might because we are created with a purpose. We have a place in the universe.

Do we spend life holding grudges in our heart and holding on to some things that cause us pain? Forgiveness is the answer, but the reality is we never really forget the names of those who brought us tears.

Do we spend life with fear and full of doubts?
Well, we only have one life, and I guess fear is only in the mind (but most of the time, the things I feared of are real..hehe)
Doubts are normal, but they make us trust our instinct.

Well, if you gonna ask me, I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with so much happiness, kindness and love, take things at a time in a mature way, chase my dreams, live with them and still keep dreaming. I will spend my life giving peace, happiness and inspiration to others; explore some beautiful places on Earth if money can guarantee and most of all, I will spend my life with God and serve His purpose on me in this world.

How about you?

photos by: Rashel Mohammad
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