Saturday, March 12, 2016

Obong Cold Spring

LOCATION: Dalaguete, Cebu

At this point in time, it is so hot in Philippines. People just wanted to stay at home lying with the electric fan or air con on. But good thing, my beloved Philippines is blessed with so many water forms that tourists usually love to come back again and again. We have enormous beach resorts,
lakes, waterfalls, rivers, streams and springs that everybody can enjoy of especially the hot summer time.
We, Filipinos, are really blessed with those things especially here in Cebu. You know recently I traveled slowly to the South of Cebu, and obviously South of Cebu has a lot of cold waterfalls and springs. And the one I'd visited was Obong Cold Spring; it is just like with Guiwanon Cold Spring in Tabogon, North of Cebu, but the only difference is the presence of those little umbrella (cost 100 php stay-unlimited) adding color to the spring, and this one is bigger compared to Guiwanon Cold Spring. 
Of course entrance fee is only five pesos (5 php) which is so affordable.

 Have a great summer ahead, guys!
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