Friday, April 15, 2016

Tugbungan Farm

 LOCATION: Gairan, Bogo City, Cebu
Here is to nature-friendly adventure you can find in the City of Bogo. 
This is  a mangrove farm suitable for some relaxation and meditation time where afar you can see the humble horizon. This is a very echo-friendly place promoting more home to the little schools of fish.
The path is made of slabs of wood, but one must be careful though 'coz some slabs are broken and frail, so take those keen eyes. hehe
It takes you one fourth of a kilometer to reach the end point of the path, but there are benches in some sides there after in case you don't want to proceed.
Despite, this place is still a good place for me to relax and even have a nap or swim at the sea.
Good thing the entrance fee is only 20 php- very affordable.


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