Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Yellow For Summer

LOCATION: Tugbungan Farm
It is really hot right now, and there is no better way but to out and enjoy #summer2016. Get the hat and the  most comfortable outfit together and seize the summer fun (why not play Mr. Sun's color and put a personality; just thinking hehe). Don't forget to wear the sunglasses as well and most of all
discover some simple places that could be settings for your summer story. Whether it's local or not..it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy. Live life happily!

The heat is on, and some of us already started the #summer2016 with so many places to go (I get jealous with my FB newsfeed presenting the travels of my friends inside the country hehe). Well, the world is an oyster...let's get the most of it.
Have  a great summer!
 photos by: Jenevie Catapan

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