Monday, May 23, 2016

The Kettle House

LOCATION: Nailon, Bogo City, Cebu
My idea of summer really as a child then was to enjoy so much in the beach because there are no classes.
But now as I get older, summer has already evolved in so many ideas possible like beaches are not
only the exact location for it but also in waterfalls, rivers and any where. Furthermore, summer is  getting lost in some places not familiar and exploring new ones as much as possible (hehe).
This pretty structure right behind me in these photos is commonly known in the locals as The Kettle House. This is soon to be a resort (definitely worth waiting by the tourists). The construction has been stopped for a while for some reasons.
 And you know my love for some unfinished constructions or newly-opened ones, so I rushed away to witness it. It was a jaw-dropping thing for its unique design.
What do you think?
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