Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tried A Choker

 Dipping my hands on social media and seeing a lot of people wearing the choker thing- expensive or not, I must say "I like seeing chokers on someone's neck".
I tried the D-I-Y choker thing, and these photos I have here are evidences of my obsession. I found
out that it really gives oomph to the style and looks good. I searched accessories in my old jewelry box to hopefully find some choker-like jewelry- well there are some really. I really wanted to try more in my outfits to come. But truth be told, my neck itched after removing my D-I-Y choker hehe.
Even though it ended that way, I still wanted to wear some for the sake of fashion and passion for blogging.
Hopefully you find this ok.
XOXO, Jehan

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