Friday, July 15, 2016

Postcards From Capitancillo Islet

 LOCATION: Bogo City, Cebu, Philippines
Every angle in this islet is really picturesque. Don't  mind if I got many photos of it in different angles. I wrote a little history of this islet here, but the pictures there were blurry. So this post now
gives a little clear view of Capitancillo Islet (with a little indicator of an old lens...the small patches in the pictures)
Well  as a Bogohanon (a resident of Bogo City) myself, I am proud of this tourists spot of ours which is a perfect place for swimming, diving, snorkeling, beaching and even just going there for fun and adventure. If you are lucky enough, you might as well watch the dolphins in the afternoon time (I saw them the last time I went here, but on the recent trip here I was not lucky enough to see them.)
But I was lucky enough still to land in this beautiful place on Earth again with my siblings and cousins. We really had so much fun, and I hope there are still more trips to come.

P.S. If you come here please bring a lot of food and water..water coz it's so hot and you are in the middle of the don't want to be dehydrated, right. Food...because you know sea salt makes you hungry like you can eat a horse. :-)
And of course camera and sun don't want to just rely on memory and ended up like an over-baked potato.
(when you twirl and twirl for a pause and end up falling)
( we had so much fun!!!)
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