Sunday, July 24, 2016

Postcards from Malapascua Island

 LOCATION: Logon, Daan Bantayan, Cebu,Philippines
Hi guys!
I know you heard me so much about Malapascua Island because it is always my summer destination since 2012. But this trip I had here is more different than the
previous ones since I came in with my siblings, cousins amd close friends. Though each coming is really different and entails so many good memories and adventure, but this one around has the fullest of fun and enjoyment. We had the island hopping as the highlight and gave us so much laughters in the face. We dived at the coldest part of water I think since it is somewhat like a cave which partly scary.hehe
Too bad we were not able to go to Isla de Gato.😳
I did not bring so much outfit for a photoshoot since I want to really enjoy the adventure without worrying much of my outfit and the photographer to shoot me since she needs to have fun too, and maybe because this would be my last coming for I planned to have my next summer vacay in Samar, the place where I spent the last quarter of my childhood. But I still hope to come more often to Malapascua.
Everything is just so fun..lying under the sun, in the whitest sand and dived in the blue to emerald cold water while talking to someone that you know and someone that you love.
These are the simple things that are priceless. Simple things really have that unique impact to ones perspective, and the perfect thing that gives Nature.
Let's love Mother Earth!
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