Monday, July 18, 2016

What Would Blogosphere Be In The Future?

I am thinking what would blogosphere looks like in the future. I am thinking what the future of an ordinary dreamer in the blogging industry be since almost everybody and most specially rich people who can afford to have many are into blogging now. As I scroll my instagram feed, many celebrities
nowadays are into blogging as well- building their own site; some launched already.
I remember the time when I started the very first and on and off blogging session way back December 2012 to October 2013 (because typhoon Haiyan came on November 8,2013 and cut off the electricity connection in our town and just came back on December 24,2013) until I officially blog regularly since January 2014, people hardly know the word "blog", but now it is the common talk of the town. Even people who don't own a blog call themselves "blogger".
Some common mind talk is that as long as you know how to pose nicely for a picture you are considered a blogger when the truth is it is not. I think blogging is more about talking to the audience through writing. It is about passion not just merely photos to look at but also a content to read. It is about showing one's passion or whereabouts nicely in the internet world for inspiration, enjoyment, etc.
Well, I can't help but to encourage future bloggers as well to hone their crafts and do what they love since blogging is a wonderful task. But I do hope that we are making the internet world a wholesome nook to search on. 

I hope we will still inspire each other.
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