Monday, July 11, 2016

When Swimsuit Is So Mainstream

 LOCATION: Capitancillo, Islet
                       Bogo, City, Cebu, Philippines
I love swimsuits, but now I'm working on my body so I may look good at it. haha
Seriously I tried one but covered it with my shorts and shirt coz I don't want attention in a beach. I
just want to be ordinary at the same time enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer like the blue sea and sky, the white sand and more while drinking the sweet buko juice and basking under the sun just a minute. I'm a typical Filipina in a white shirt, hat and long trousers to cover everything under the harsh sun. Well I do hope I am still in a beach-appropriate attire coz I mean protection against the sun. hehe
Because when swimsuit is just so mainstream in the beach, I opt for beach dress and a white shirt like this.

so fab sandals
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