Friday, October 14, 2016

Nature Friendly Me

I remember the time I started taking pictures in a woody land; someone who is a true-blue hater of mine pinched bad comment on me. Despite, that comment never halted me from taking sides with
nature when it comes to my photos. I like being with it. It's therapeutic for me. It gives me portals to many discoveries, of thoughts, of dreams I want to come true,of looking at the time limits I am allowed to accomplish those dreams and many more. I think this is who I am.
At my age now, I am 90% sure of knowing what I like and don't, of what suits me and what's not. The remaining 10% is my adjustment, acceptance to those things I don't like and not suitable to me, and of course to the feedbacks of people that can't relate with me. I raise my pen to them and point it my paper and write about them. #taylorswifting lol
I don't want to fit in the crowd. I just want to be in the place I am comfortable with- that I can live forever (maybe).

*Let us stop judging others by just simply from the things we see. Let us make the world a better place.
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