Saturday, October 8, 2016


From the map of south-east Asia, Malaysia is located below Thailand and above Singapore, between Indonesia and Brunei. Malaysia is a beautiful land made up of people coming from various ethnic groups. The largest ethnic group is the Malays, followed by the Chinese, Indians and other various
indigenous ethnic groups. The coming together of these ethnic groups and their unique culture and heritage, make Malaysia a land of intriguing diversity. These people have lived together for many generations, influencing one another to create a truly unique Malaysian culture not found elsewhere in the world.
Due to the diverse cultural practices of her people, Malaysia has a multitude of colourful festivals and celebrations. For every festival or celebration, there are no lack of good food. Both Malaysians and tourists alike get to enjoy delicious, uniquely Malaysian cuisine every day, the whole year round.
Most Malaysians are well-mannered and known for their friendliness. Their common language is Bahasa Malaysia and many can communicate in English besides Chinese or other languages.
In recent years, Malaysia has seen an increase in the growth of medical tourism. Many of these foreign patients from far and near are attracted to Malaysia’s unique culture, festivals and food.
Many of Malaysia’s medical doctors/surgeons are trained overseas in renowned medical universities, and they can communicate with their patients in good English. There are no lack of good doctors and you can find the best doctor in Malaysia to carry out the needed medical procedure.
If you are interested to undergo any one of the medical procedures in Malaysia, it is best to check out the doctors or surgeons and their clinics and one of the best places to do so is through Go through the list of doctors in Malaysia and discuss your medical needs with the doctors. For all other information, you can check it out with the customer’s care agent at and ask whatever questions you need to ask.

 Many medical tourists plan a “2in1” holiday in Malaysia. Once they confirmed their appointed surgery date with their doctor, these medical tourists scheduled the dates of their outdoor activities ahead of their surgery date. And after their surgery, they can plan to relax in the hotel giving ample time for rest and recuperation.

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