Saturday, November 26, 2016

I Still Love My Neck

Recently, most of my posts are collaboration posts because I’m paving ways for my collaborators and write about their products which are incredible. But I must emphasize that this blog of mine is still focusing on what I love about my thoughts and so forth that are still personal. I must say that I am partly collaborating with other people for money matters, but I hope everyone won’t get me wrong
with that or shall I say people would not judge me with that. Honestly, I am getting paid with collaboration posts, but still there are many spaces in my blog intended for my personal choices, likes and whereabouts.
I am sorry for making my readers disgusted with my blog the many collaboration posts.
And today, I deviate from what is called a collaboration post (but that doesn’t mean I stop writing with collaboration post haha) because the pictures that I want to show are of a woman with choker on her neck pretending that the choker doesn’t itch on it. Man… How itchy this DIY choker is haha. Well, I think I am the only one complaining the itchiness of choker because I have skin allergy on my neck ever since I was a kid.
I don’t know how on Earth put so many problems on my neck area. It has a scar in my operation of my thyroid gland; it has allergy every time I eat allergy- reactor foods and when sweat stays long. It itches like hell and end up super red. And also it is prone to tonsillitis every time I have a heavy consumption of sugar…ohh the chocolates J
Despite, I still love my neck no matter how imperfect it is.
I hope everyone finds true beauty from imperfection and true love despite the so many flaws.
Have a love-filled day, everyone!
Leather bag, Levi's jeans
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