Thursday, December 15, 2016

Things That Are Currently Making Me Happy

To balance my somewhat-like lonely post I had last time, here is an excited and happy post as of this time. So here I go.

1. Christmas and New Year are coming!!! 
(drums roll)
 Always my favorite words to describe the revel, the spread love and joy. I hope it's
always Christmas and New Year.

2. My boyfriend is back in the Philippines from work.
It's gonna be a full of love holiday. (When others go, someone who's better comes; just wait.) Lonely days had passed; it's now time for happy days.

3. New member in the family. 
I won't spill the beans yet, but for sure it's not from me. hehe

4. My year-ender activity
Every year I always look for that to make the previous year a more memorable one.

5. And of course, I am excited for what lies ahead the next year
especially in Summer because I have so many things in my mind to be done in summer. Enjoyment never goes out of the way of course. ;-)

I hope everyone has so many things that are making him/her happy as  well.
God bless, guys!

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