Sunday, December 4, 2016

Why Pain is a Blessing

This is the first time I open my love history here in my blog not to sort publicity but to share lessons.
Once in a while I fell truly in love with someone; I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and wanted to take risk ahead of our journey together. But sadly, it was not a happy ending. I was jilted
and broken –hearted. I was shattered into pieces. It was also the time that I resigned in my work in the private institution to seek a greener pasture in the public schools. I was jobless, broken-hearted and lost a father. It felt like the whole world was so heavy to carry. I was depressed. And the depression was even getting heavier because I was always thinking of what I did wrong as to be jilted, and asked myself what the other girl has that I do not have?. Eventually, I found the answer- worldly satisfaction. I did not settle for less because I know my value very well, and I thought that if I would reconcile to save our relationship, how can I trust that person that much again?
That’s why I accepted the challenge of being heart-broken and accepted the fact that life is not always a bed of roses.
So, here are the reasons why pain is blessing as well that I want to share with you:
1.       It gives you a clearer vision of what and who you want in life.
Just like the cleansing effect of our tears in our eyes, pain gives us a new view- at this time in a more mature way.
2.       It makes you weak at the moment, but it makes you even stronger in the end.
The pain gives you a preparatory stage of the things that lie ahead that are larger than life, so that when you face life, you are ready and strong.
3.       It makes you a good person.
Why? That is because you don’t want to hurt others feeling and emotions because you know what it feels like. You are always putting your shoes to others’ so as to not inflict pain in the process. It makes you more humane.
4.       It lets you see who were there when you were down, and who willingly gave help even they know you can’t give back.
5.       It gives you the idea of how depressing it is to control life, people and everything.
Human as we are, we like to control things within our might, but after experiencing pain, you just let things flow the way they do and the way God wants for you.

You deserve nothing but the best in life. So, go with the flow and take your heart and brain with you. Do not be in a hurry in life; good things always come at the right time. If it is set for you, it is really for you.
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