Monday, January 2, 2017

Hello 2017!

Happy New Year, guys!
I can't believe 2016 passed by so well. Though, there were so many down parts happened like my mom's hospitalization because of her myoma surgery and my deployment to a new school leaving my friends and comfort zone behind with a heavy heart, I am still blessed with the good ones happened that are enormous that I lost of count of them. #Godisgood
As a zeitgeist in the passing of a year, I too learned so many lessons in 2016.

1. Never say bad things about other people. 
Yes! Always find the good in people. This lesson is what I always see in my co-worker before who is a man. He never says bad things about others...instead he praises them. #letsconstantlypraise

2. Do not always believe in hearsays.
People always get news from other people and easily believe without even trying to know the reason behind and easily make judgment. Investigate the reasons why and don't jump to conclusion directly. In my field of work where women are many, chit chats and hearsays are apparent. #investigatefirst

3. Always be true yourself.
I talked about this in my previous post, and I consider this a lesson always. Don't always follow the pace; sometimes following the road less-travelled by always makes the difference. #followyourauthenticpath

4. Love your body, and it will love you back.
 There is no other best investment in this world than investing in good stuffs for your body because this is the temple of God. I still don't eat pork, and I still squeeze in exercise. And this year as a resolution to my sometimes sickly body, I won't indulge in junk foods anymore. #notojunkfoods

5. Always be humble and humane.
 My mom's hospitalization taught me to be humble and humane. Being sensitive to others situation even though you are not related or acquainted is something that brought so much happiness. Extending a helping hand to them also works wonders.

I hope 2017 will be filled with so much happiness and love, healthy body and mind and also peace.

Hello 2017!!!

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