Monday, March 20, 2017

Empowered in Silence

I'm having a deep thought today about women talking about other women that do not belong to their certain pace of action, of thoughts, interests and the like. They are talking behind others successes and try to bring them down as if others down fall is their happiness. 
It's a chaotic world to live with them. It's a noise to the world's peace when in fact there are so many things to do to make themselves better.
That's why in this chaotic world, i recharge in silence; do things in silence, for with that i feel energetic in my own pace, challenged by myself, reborn my actions and produce a reflection of a better me. 
I believe there are so many people who are like me- introvert in spirit, and sometimes extrovert in soul...ambivert i must say.
But whoever and whatever, we should lift each other. Though competition and communication are feasible, let's not forget that we function, and learn separately as an individual.
Let's make the world a better place. 
xoxo, Jehan
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