Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Little Uppers for Busy Summer

LOCATION: Bogo City Plaza
This is what usually happens when you have so much ideas in your head popping everywhere in the middle of cleaning the house or just working on something- SILENCE. You are silently blank asking as to what to do first in achieving such goal.
Better way take note of them on your planner or valuable dream-listing notebook. But then again you remember the powerful, simple quote saying "achievers know their passion well and stick to their guns".
There are really some points in life leading you to "ok take a seat and take a deep breath".
 And that is my current situation now. "OHHHEMMMGEEE" is all I can say. But mind you I learned something in the pit I am in now.
1. Prioritize.
This is one of my problems in life since I am a go to for multi-tasking.I learned this from my boyfriend coz he really is good at it. There are things really that we need to prioritize so that there are still spaces for some things to come.
2. Let your brain rest for a while.
After all, life is not a competition. Take it slowly yet surely. Pay attention to some little things that happen.
3. Inspiration is the remedy.
When life sucks in a while, look for inspirations to keep you moving. Recall of the reason why you started such goal.
4. Social media cause pain to my eyes.
I am addicted to IG now. Well who would't when there are so many inspirations popping out; but now I am addicted of taking care of my eyes more than the nice feeds.
5. Over all,  I learned  that no matter what goes on a day, you have yourself.
So love yourself that much. It's not selfish; it is needed. Enjoy the summer, have an adventure, eat what you crave, dance til you drop and thank God for the things you do well. The world is your oyster; enjoy the most of it.
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