Sunday, July 23, 2017

Job on Weekend

LOCATION: Palms Inn and Seaside Resort
                  Mahawak, Medellin, Cebu

So weekend is here, and I thought you guys might need a little escape of the bustling city and chillax in this place instead. This location is perfect for you guys. It is quiet and very private. Anyway, I will be making another post with this resort soon in my
On the other hand, weekend should be like these: meditating, chilling and relaxing, bonding with nature and family, giving some me-time, appreciating the present, doing nothing but enjoying the rest of the day. I am always thinking of those people whose job is set only in the working place without some works to do at home to meet a certain deadline. Man, you are lucky!
Anyway, life is like that; it's opt to us on how we juggle our time, create a space of enjoyment and relaxation in between because in the end, we are so lucky having a job to do with pay compared to those who don't have. And to sum it all, we should do our job well because that is the way we feed our family.
Have a happy weekend, guys!
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