Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Note To Self

LOCATION: CGA Mountain Resort
Lately, I 've come up with the importance of freedom in one's life. Suppression of freedom is never an easy word. Maybe I tossed up a wrong word to define it, but this is what I feel-being caged to do in a part-of-a-job thing but not really your job, and the
one who is in charged is just mandating. I don't know if you can get my point, but at that point of my life I can say that I am not happy. In an instant I feel the arduous desire and feelings of the heroes who fought for freedom. I feel the importance of freedom as a woman, as a person with dignity and as a person of worth. I feel like I am dumb enough to stay put knowing the right thing or the law just because you don't want to hurt others feelings. At that point so to speak I feel unempowered yet never lose my right to choose. I know someday I can have the happening that my heart really desires in terms of my work. For now I accept my situation for me to be happy and just let the day pass filled with my heart's prayer.
 So here is my note to self: You control your life, so stay happy no matter what. 
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