Thursday, April 5, 2018

Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine

LOCATION: Kawit, Cavite, Philippines
The Aguinaldo Shrine is a National Shrine of the Philippines located in Kawit, Cavite in the Philippines, where the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain was declared on June 12, 1898. - Wikipedia
Way back and even now, I always love reading history books. So to speak, I was awarded best in history in my High School days. Though I am not a major in Social Studies, I volunteer to teach Social Studies in school to impart my little knowledge in history. I love connecting past events and
immerse myself in one's culture and arts. I love museums and everything in them that has historic symbols. That is why I was so glad when I had my trip to Cavite, and I made Aguinaldo Shrine as one of the places I want to visit. Thanks to my best friend Mallette and her boyfriend who made this trip possible.
What I love about this trip is that it is educational, and the entrance fee is free. hehe 
The museum regaled me with so many stories in the past with regard to my beloved country, Philippines. The curators were very friendly and information-laden from which I want to go back to my history classes way back and share my experience here. 
Below are some pictures I have taken as mementos of my great desire to check this trip in my bucket list. 
Hope you enjoy!
 The Philippine flag and the first and youngest Philippine President
 Illustration of Philippine Revolution
Dress from American Eagle

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