Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sharing the Happiness

 LOCATION: SM Mall of Asia
I hope everyone is so happy right at this moment. Well, as for me, I am in the point of my life where I am very much happy. Not that I have everything in the world, but I am contented of the things I have now like travelling to places out of town. Travelling doesn't require much of everything; it is state of embracing new places with open
mind to lapses it may take. Moreover, I am in love with someone I never thought God would give. I was a damn broken hearted lass before, but instead of looking at the shattered pieces, I fixed myself, loved myself much, prepared my future so I would be ready for it. I found myself in loneliness, in loss and promised never do or give such to anyone else. I promised to live life with kindness, peace, happiness and love so others may feel such despite the battles they engage in.
I hope everybody is doing good. 
Much love from me, Jehan. xoxo
Cotton On dress used as a skirt

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