Friday, April 20, 2018


Hey, guys!
So, it is already summer here in the Philippines and for most part of the world. I mentioned before how I really love summer time here in the Philippines so much because most of the time is spent sleeping, doing nothing and going to beaches in easy breezy outfit because there are no classes to attend to except when you enroll summer
classes. When we speak of summer, we always think of beaches or anything cool and with water or with nature in general. We just want to embrace the mighty sun giving its grand and glorious shine that gives life to some living beings on Earth.
For empowered women like us, we always chase the sun (like we always chase the brighter side of life to celebrate); that is life actually.
In this millennial world where everyone is dressed up for the gram or other social media, most of the women are looking for clothes or dresses that match the summer time. Worry no more because there are sexy summer dresses for women from Yoins, an online store which I really love because it has a lot of stuffs to offer for empowered women like us. 
See some of their lovely and sexy summer dresses:
Green Random Floral Print Mini Dress with Half Flared Sleeves
Navy Random Floral Print Halter Flounced Sleeves Dress

If you don't opt for summer dresses and want to show some mid riffs or your toned tummy part, sexy crop top for women is good for you. They are so cool and many varieties to choose from.
Crop tops are best paired with everything. You can go to shorts, skirts or pants; you can go wearing them formally, stylishly or festively. Young generations of women really do like this type of tops. Check out may favorites from Yoins.
Black Floral Embroidery Mesh Crop Top
White Sexy Off Shoulder Backless Crop Top

On the other hand, there are few days left before Mother's Day. So if you are in the hunt for good stuffs for our beloved mommies in the world. Check online Yoins Mother Day Sale and experience the sale of a lifetime only made for beloved mommies in the world. Mommies deserve only the best from all of us; let's splurge them with the gifts they deservw, and Yoins is here for you to choose your desired gifts for your mothers.
My idea of mothers is that they are not ordinary; they are cool. So check out my cool gifts for cool moms out there.
High Neck Random Leaf Print Chiffon Cami Top in White
Navy Random Floral Print Perkins Collar Flared Sleeves Dress
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