Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Guiwanon Cold Spring

LOCATION: Tabogon, Cebu, Philippines

On the 26th of May, my friends and I beat the summer heat at Guiwanon Cold Spring and made use of the remaining summer days.
We found it very relaxing since the place cooled us down and even made us trembled with the super cold water. Ggrrrrrr... I can still feel the coldness this time. hehe

Guiwanon Cold Spring has this virgin nature's beauty that is stooped down by a large "balete" tree ( this also gives shade to the spring making it cool and cold).
One can easily plunge on its rectangular-shaped pool because five pesos is all you need to pay for the entrance fee. And if you have a banquet of food, well you can rent a little hut worth 100 pesos. There is also a parking fee- 10 pesos for four-wheeled vehicles and 5 pesos for two-wheeled ones.
The pool is divided into two- shallow and the deeper one. So if you want to dive -from "balete" tree up high- better stay at the deeper portion (5'7-6' deep I think). Either way, you can still enjoy the clear and cold water. But if you don't like the very cold water, you can stay outside the pool and be with the tiny roots of the mangrove tree and still enjoy the clear water (awesome). Or if you happen to be a traveler that only wants site-seeing, well this place is good for you too because this faces on the sea and tiny schools of fish jostle on the food given by the travelers.
The spring is not yet fully developed, so please be patient with the sometimes inconvenient hut, and the nasty garbage around.

P.S. If you want to visit  Guiwanon Cold Spring, please be responsible with your litter to protect the nature's beauty.

God bless, everyone!

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