Tuesday, April 22, 2014

5 Things I Love About Summer

Summer is here already. (Obviously, what the heck am I talking? Ggghhh) Moving on. Since I entered  4th year high school, I always have a destination every summer. Way back in summer 2007, I worked at Bogo City market to gain a penny for my college entrance fee, and when I entered
college all the four-year summer seasons were spent on my summer classes. And when I became a teacher , I shift on to somewhat really summer vacaysss- Malapascua, Capitancillo, Maravilla Resort, and hospital because it was summer also when I had my total thyroidectomy operation last May 15, 2012. And this summer? Hmmmnn I’m still thinking of a summer destination if I have a penny and time because I would be busy with my interview and demo for public school.
And why is it an obligation of mine to have a summer  destination? Some reasons are down there.
  1.Hey, it’s summer you know. I mean no class, school work and no students that are asking for grades. Lol. Seriously, even if it is always summery in the Philippines....come on summer is summer.
2. No class, no uniform-you can just wear any with a slipper. no shouting to students, no recording of scores, no straining of the throat through constant discussing, no money because no salary. lol
3. Destination. Just like I said I always have a destination either in a backyard for a picnic with family (trip trip lang) or in a beach with a bikini.
.4. Bonding with family. Mama always comes home every summer, and I love the way she prepares summer merienda like cold gellatin. (yummy)
5. The sea is gorgeous. Oh that cerulean sea, what else can I say?
Have a happy summer, everyone!

dress from stephany, heels from natasha, bag from ate claire
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