Saturday, June 28, 2014

Head Scratcher

There are sometimes times when our head aches because we don't have something to wear maybe because we don't have clothes anymore (impossible!). I mean we ran our clothes out, and we keep on repeating them (there's no wrong with that; it's very all right; even the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine repeats her wardrobe), or maybe we have so many clothes and don't know which one to to
be worn first (possible!), or we don't know how to mix and match (very possible!). Don't worry; I too have that kind of moment and what to express but to scratch my precious head and lay my notebook and get my pen for sketching before I actually wear outfits. That's why I'm really amazed when and old one piece swimsuit suits well with a shorts and jelly shoes. It's very comfortable. This outfit is good both for beach and place like this in the photo and even good with a fancy bag . Maybe this one is good for school too, but I doubt if the strict guard will allow you to enter, so good luck for that.

 TToi jeans, jellly shoes, kangaroo bag, silver accessories
photos by: Rash

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