Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Birthday Wish List

August really is my most awaited month of the year because my birthday falls on this month on the 17th, and also this month adds another number to my age hahaha. I'm getting older na.
Every birthday of mine  I'm always wishing for immaterial things like good health and long lasting life for my family, people around me and of course for my self because I am sickly (sometimes). Moreover, I am also wishing for the things that are included always in my prayer and hoping that God would continue pouring
them on me. 
But for now since my birthday is coming, here are some things I want as a blogger and hoping for a genie or  fairy godmother to grant even just one of them.
1. Fujifilm or canon  digital camera
2. Casadei nude pointed pump
3. apple laptop
4. iphone 5S
5. Celine bag
6. Tory Burch flats
7. forever supply of dove products
8. Estee Lauder eye and face serum
9. Facial from Belo
10. Braces and cleaning of my teeth
11. Underarm revlite treatment or IPL
12. Adds or sponsors on my blog
13. Forever supply of spf products and milk
14. RAI
15. House and lot
16. Enduring business
17. Four wheels service
18. Free trip to other countries
19. Personal washing machine with dryer
20. Priter (any barand) with ink
I'm still crossing my fingers on them. hahahha I know I know I can't afford them and I sound silly. That is why they are just my wish, but my very material wish for my very birthday is an item in the public school.
Good day, everyone!
P.S. Don't mind me putting my hands on my jeans while doing these shots ;-)

abc jeans, vintage top, scarf used as a turban from Ate Glaiza, gibi sandals
photos by Rash

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