Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Prayers To The World

"Best things come to those who wait, but desired things come to those who pray"
I would like to use the power of internet to spread my prayer to the world and hopefully, many would help me pray for those things I desire for the betterment of the world we live in through my blog.

1. World Peace. I pray for the peace of all the nations in the world. Let there be peace in each mind and heart- no more war and killing of all types of people because we have the right to live and enjoy life to the fullest.
Lately, I was saddened by watching a video of killing those innocent people from a certain place in this world with no other will but to boast a wealth and power. We have no right to kill for that right is not in our hands but with His.
I pray for the safety of those little new born babies and children  and the people at large. May they live with no fear. May they live long. Let peace reside in each of us, and may we give this to the world.

2. No More World Hunger. I pray that each of us can eat the food he/she wants anytime and anywhere. I pray that the words hunger and malnutrition, diseases and death would vanish in the world's vocabulary.I pray that each home's kitchen is filled with healthful produce for the betterment of one's body.
I pray that there will be no more days pass with people who have no food to eat and are just sleeping to forget the meal time.

3. I Pray For Everyone's Happiness. In every thing that we do, we desire happiness. I pray that there will be no more pouting face in this world. I pray that there will no more heartaches and cries but only thunder of laughter and sweet smiles. Everyone deserves to be happy.

4. No More Selfishness. I pray that everyone would be considerate enough and humble and would never do such for one's advantage.

5. I Pray For More Nationwide Camaraderie. We are no longer divided, but we are united in achieving one goal- to make the world a better place to live in. Yolanda (Haiyan) and any other calamities bring us closer together as one despite our different nationalities because this time we consider only that we are sisters and brothers of God.
I pray for more nation wide camaraderie and no more "individualistic system". I pray that there will be more nations to join other nations to promote goodwill to the world.

6. No More Corruption In All Sorts. I pray that everyone would put things in high perspective for the advantage of all the people in this world.
 No more selfishness and hidden desires, cheating and even stealing of all earthly things . No more lies.

7. Let There Be LOVE. May good love be the basis of all the things we do. We may not shed the erotic one, but the filial one to achieve peace and camaraderie. Let the world be healed through our love.
8. I Pray For Everybody's Good Health.

9. I Pray For Everybody's Success In A Good Way.

10. I Pray That We May Put And Consider God In All The Things We Do. Things seem so hurtful when they are derailed according to our plans, but let God's Will be done.
At the time of our conception, God had planned ahead of what our life would be. We are destined to be that way and this way. Our choices lead us on how our ways towards our destiny be looked like. Choice and destiny go together in God' s plans for us.
 No matter how upsetting life is, I pray that we should be reminded that God's plans are better that our wildest dreams. 
We affect each other in this world. 

Good day everyone!

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Photos by: Rashel Mohammad

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