Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Excited To Summer

 The heat is on- cheers to summer's coming (hooooo)-, but there's a bit cold atmosphere at night or in the afternoon still. 
Although I am in a tropical country and summer is all day long, and you can have swimming in the beach all the way, but there's no such thing compare to summer months. Though the heat is intense that will put my morena feature into ten times, but I really really love summer. It reminds me of my days when I was living in

 an island back then for about two years in Sulu -an, Guiuan, Eastern Samar. Hugggh...I love the sea swimming, playing, boating and island hopping. Another thing that makes summer a "go" is VACATION-no classses. AHEMMMM
And now that there will be a month long (I guess) to summer time, and I don't know yet where my adventurous heart will lead me into (I am just crossing my fingers), I am really excited about it.
Have a great day!

Photos by: Rashel Mohammad

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