Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nothing Beats Comfort

LOCATION: Medellin HideAway, Medellin, Cebu, Philippines

Summer really is already right here, and it's so so hot. So, to make me comfy with the heat of the sun, I just opted to simple and comfortable clothes like this.
I really prefer comfort over style and prefer cottony top to absorb sweat because my back becomes waterfalls when I am sweating. lol

I opted yellow top to pair with my cap and to make this summer time of my life colorful, but most of the time when it is summer, I prefer simply white top (preferably T-shirt). I am a blouse/shirt and jeans combo type of girl, and I never thought that jeans would be so pair-able in the beach. But, I just folded the lower hem to emphasize that carefree, provincial girl and (more) comfortable look.
Emphasize the most comfortable style of yours this summer.

Have a great day!

 photos by:Rash
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