Saturday, May 30, 2015

5 Reasons To Travel More

 LOCATION: Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philppines

Traveling is one of the best luxuries in life.
It is something that others skip maybe by the lack of money or time. It is being skipped because when talking  about it, others think of stay cation and extravagance.

All right, here is the deal- stay cation is so good, but traveling is within it and could be done in just a day or hours (so lack of time is being filled in). In fact, to travel doesn't always require a banquet ; keep a couple or three or four of friends  to allot the expenses with and pack foods that are consumed on the given time. With a tropical country just like Philippines, one could never go wrong with fresh produce from the sea and mountain area (extravagant? not anymore!)
Though summer is almost over, there is still time to travel. Remember , traveling could be done just hours. And if you're not convinced yet, well read on and be inspired to travel more.

1. Traveling educates you.
You are in a hot spot of different culture and tradition from different places. No book is wide enough to explore the tiniest and least place in the world, but traveling fill in that gap of ignorance and space. Diversity emerges from town to town, country to country, or state to state.

2. Travelling cuts down boredom and maximizes life. 
So, why indulge on things that shorten life?. Traveling makes you want to have purposes. Within those purposes, you wake up for discovery, and life became richer in experience , friends, and everything. It inspires you leading to Methuselah.

3. Traveling surprises you to the "T".
It means perfect . Nature has its natural, surprising, and healing capacity. The crystal clear water, the sounds of the flowing stream, birds' tweets, the touch of the breeze-all pop up for a wonderful and perfect harmony!

4. Traveling challenges you of what you can become.
Independence is behind every door of a solo traveler, but take precautions with you.

5. Traveling strengthens the binds of friendship, family, and love. 
It gives an exhilarating feeling of oneness and experiencing a one-of-a-kind together.
It keeps the memory working in togetherness. And with that, you owe one another a deep gratitude of your presence in ones life.
Traveling lets you experience the world of a wide kind. 

See for your self; take time to travel.

God bless, everyone!

photos by; Jemar Bostrello and Rash
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