Wednesday, May 13, 2015

5 Ways To Happiness

I think the ultimate aim of our existence is finding happiness in all we do. No matter what life blows on us, we still hold on for we believe happiness lies beneath like diamonds out of coal. Since everybody does it takes (even if she doesn't like or not really necessary ) to covet that elusive (sometimes) happiness, here are some ways from the imperfect blogger me to have it. ;-)

1. Be Contented.
Contentment is one of the keys to happiness. But being contented doesn't mean you won't change  or progress in what you do. Still, you are aiming for progress and prosperity. Being contented means feeling happy in every endeavor that you take- good or bad. Believing  that in every failure lies happiness and hones your character, and thinking that sadness is not permanent for God does exist is what contentment for me.

2. Don't Worry.
This means that you are allowed to worry but don't over do it. It's normal to worry but look at the birds in the sky- they don't plant for food, but God provides them, and they are happy with it. Let faith and diligence work. But if things were not good as you think, worrying won't make it even better anyway. Let it go. Focus on the present, and plan the future. You won't proceed to the next chapter of your life if you keep on rereading the last one.

3. Don't Waste Time.
Savor every time of your life no matter how boring . Make every day memorable by doing great things. Maybe there is no such perfect time, but there are always perfect moments. Try having a journal to track down your life's history.
Do things that count- say "thank you", "i love you", "you are a blessing from God" or else make time to pray. Don't let regret rule on. Remember, regret is more powerful than gratitude.

4. Count Your Blessing, Not Your Losses.
Yes,by counting I mean it literally. List down your assets, positive sides, progress, achievements, foods you ate, places you traveled, pieces of clothes, jewelry, and any material things you have (no matter how small) in a piece of paper. Look on them every day. You will realize how productive and blessed your life is and how God is so good to you. Mention too your life, parents or guardians, friends, siblings, relatives, love, care, loyalty, intelligence, talents, coca-cola body, and angelic face, etc. Men! you are so blessed. God is worthy of praise because of them. Because your blessings are enormous, your losses are empowered by them.

5. Appreciate Everything No Matter How Small.
Every thing in this world is created for a purpose. You will not appreciate its value in an instant, but once it is lost, you will realize its value. Every little thing of you is created for a purpose. Maybe, that's the quality that the people love about you, or that's the thing that makes you similar with your destiny man or woman. Say "thank you" for everything no matter how big or small and good or bad.

5.1 Appreciate God's Presence in Your life.
 The greatest happiness would not be achieved by possessing material things which are so mundane, but it can be achieved by putting God in your heart because by it, you will do things that will make others happy, and when others are happy, you are happy too.

God bless, everyone!

Photos by: Neil M.
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