Monday, May 18, 2015

Mountain View Nature's Park

LOCATION: Busay, Cebu City, Philippines

Let me take you to this place where I recommend for nature lovers like me.
Mountain View Nature's Park accommodates a lot of things for you. You can go trekking  in style like I did with my friends (please just don't wear stiletto, and do bring snacks and water).

You can go jogging here; the spiral path tones your muscles. You can also have swimming, dating with someone, friends, or family where you can see the general view of Cebu City, have a conference or workshop venue, or stay even and choose in wide array of rooms. You can also have zip lining and walking on ropes-amazing adventure like no other while it is still summer!
This place leads you to a lot of surprises from a wide variety of plants and trees, undiscovered places, animal and human statues, and Filipino-Culture-inspired venues- perfect for picture taking.
There is a part of this place featuring stations of Christ and "The Belen".
So if you happen to go at the peak and the last part, you will find the cross of Christ, and there you'll find the perfect angle in viewing the whole Cebu City.

It only takes you 75 pesos "habal-habal" ride (motorcycle ride) to go to this place from G.Y Square in Lahug, Cebu City, and only 50 pesos entrance fee in Mountain View Nature's Park.

So, go on, and make a summer to remember.

God bless, everyone!

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