Friday, May 29, 2015

Off- Shoulder

 LOCATION: Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines

 I find it really very interesting and amazing when some blogs really influence the person I am today.
Knowing that some popular and to-popular-status bloggers are humans and experience the ups and downs of life is worth emulating, and their tips are worth a re-read. hehe

One palpable evidence of my imitating to them is traveling in style and comfort yet chic. And most of the time, I tend to simplicity part yet classic and still chic.

One blog that I am currently obsessed with is tuulavintage by Jessica Stein. She is a lifestyle and travel blogger. OMG! she's so simply gorgeous! Too much make-up is not her side but with dresses I mostly enjoy watching with matching naked make-up.
Off- shoulder dresses and tops and flowy-goddess-like dresses are outnumbered in her blog. And with the nth times looking at her blog, I feel somewhat like to be like her. hehe
She is one of my favorites now.

And today's post marks my emulation with her style- off-shoulder and shorts (the hairdo and glasses are my style though ;-))
Everybody doesn't have that bombshell boobs, but she could flaunt her beautiful shoulders, long torso, or long legs.
So, if being a bombshell is not your forte like me, well then flaunt your shoulders with off-shoulder top.
What do you think?

God bless, everyone!

P.S. pardon my hands gestures

slay bomber toprider shorts

photos by Jemar Bostrello

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