Sunday, May 17, 2015


LOCATION: Mountain View Nature's Park
                      Busay, Cebu City, Philippines

Whenever I am stressed, I always find time to unwind to refresh my mind and revive the positive energy. I like it even more when the lieu is windy, shady, silent and when facing the sunset-plus a friend or two or more to talk to (talk about Bogo Wharf in Bogo City!). Nature always has the healing capacity especially the verdant view of the trees and plants. It relaxes the eyes down to the inner soul of a man.

That is why when a certain day in March exhausted my friends and me, we hurriedly went to Busay, Cebu City.

The destination was actually the Temple of Lea, but it was closed for the public because it is still under construction. So, we headed downward, and Mountain View Nature's Park caught us. I'll be blogging about that next (so catch up for that).

When you travel from Bogo City to Cebu City early at dawn (so cold) and bravely face the hot weather of the City, you can't go wrong with long sleeve, jeans and flats- comfy and protective at the same time.

God bless everyone!

photos by: Yashmin, Petemine, and Sanny Lee

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